• Skyrace is the new attraction made by ZAP, the Philippine branch of Zamperla. It represent a smart amusement ride that the whole family can enjoy together. Once the 16 riders are accommodated in the eight vehicles the ride starts its clockwise rotation while the arms swing freely thanks to centrifugal force action. Perfect for any midsize park and ideal additional to the kiddie land of any FEC, the SKYRACE comes with a full of LED lights package and bright colors sure to catch visitors attention! Park and trailer model are both available.

  • New Product! ? 4

    95 meter high; 6

    7 meter diameter span ( stationary ) ; when in motion it spans at 9

    2 meter diameter ? 8 arms ride set with 2 passengers per seat ? 16 seats capacity with theoretical 320 passengers capacity per hour ? With colorful aero plane designed seats decorated by propeller on top ? (OPTIONAL)With satellite decoration on top of center post ? Running at 11RPM in clockwise direction ? Full of LED lights which make the ride brightly dazzling and shining luminous ? 3Kw power requirement