El Paso Train


  • ZAP's line of small kiddie trains include the El Paso Train and Circus Train models. The kiddie trains are economical, high grossing rides that are sure to deliver smiles to children of all ages. ZAP's El Paso Train comes standard with a train engine and 3 cars, and will accommodate 26 children. Track layouts come in a variety of standard specifications, but can also be customized to suit any site. Available in park model only, ZAP's El Paso Train is suitable for any little park, or family entertainment center.

  • Motive power : kW 1.6 - hp 2

    Coaches Weight : kg 50 - lb 110

    Seats : 26 children

    Speed : Km/h 5 - mph 3

    Length : cm 1.3200 - in 520

    Width : cm 420 - in 165

    Height : cm 360 - in 142

    Capacity : p.p.h. 520

  • Adults can ride

    The ride is normally equipped with Oval figure standard track

    Optionals: fences, special 8 figure track or other custom track layouts are available

    Standard spare parts set included