Junior Jet


  • ZAP's Junior Jet is a simple ride, reliable and easy maintenance machine, with 6 beautiful Mini Red Baron?- style airplanes. Kids are in control of their own flight patterns on the interactive Junior Jet. Perfect for the operator in search of a quick and easy set-up, the Junior Jet has a minimal space requirement and a budget-friendly price. Boasting all of the popular features of the larger Mini Jets, ZAP's Junior Jet has the additional feature of individual hydraulic lifting arms. This provides an exceptionally quiet and smooth operation, which makes it great for indoor venues. Available in park model only, the ZAP Junior Jet is suitable for any little park, or family entertainment center.

  • Total power : kW 6 - hp 8

    Motive power : kW 5 - hp 6,5

    Light power : kW 1 - hp 1,5

    Weight : Kg 1.100 - lb 2.425

    Seats : 12 children

    Diameter : cm 620 - in 244

    Height : cm 390 - in 154

    Capacity : p.p.h. 300

  • Adults can ride

    Optionals: fences

    Standard spare parts set included